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Since you’re here I know you strive to succeed in life – whether your aim is to get your dream job, ask for a promotion, ‘win’ a big contract or build your business or social network.

In this highly competitive world, presenting yourself as the highest qualified person in many situations does not necessarily ‘win’ you the job.

Increasingly, Recruiters and Human Resources Officers are looking to employ individuals who offer more ‘intangible skills’ and attributes.

But what exactly are these ‘intangible skills’ – and how do you set yourself apart from the competition – and not make the common mistakes job seekers make.

The secret is…Learn How To Be Assertive!

When you learn the assertive behavior and communication skills that are needed to project a confident self-image, you will have in your ‘tool –box’ a set of skills that will propel you forward in many aspects of your life.

How do we know this?

Most of our working life (collectively 45+ years) has involved working in the recruitment industry and in recruiting and training our own staff for the businesses we have owned.  We have recruited for a variety of positions across multiple industry sectors, ranging from graduate positions, customer service, event staff, technical and engineering to senior level management positions for small businesses to global organisations in the United Kingdom, Europe and Australia.

What we found is, the hiring process is similar no matter what the position or industry – sift through hundreds of resumes and screen using a selection criteria, telephone screen applicants to further condense the list, invite applicants for face to face interviews or group assessment interviews, conduct pre-employment testing, and take verbal references to ultimately provide the organisation with a short list of applicants to interview.

But here’s the thing…

One of the main reasons Organisations employ recruitment companies is because we know the secrets to looking for those ‘intangible skills’ that are needed to discover a good cultural fit for a company.

It is a rewarding experience to match the right people to the job, however, we also have the unenviable task of telling candidates every day why they were unsuccessful in their job applications…and in many cases it is because they lack the ability to demonstrate assertive behavior skills and until they are learnt they will continue to be rejected.

That’s why we’ve put together this site, so that we can help as many people as we can to fill the ‘skills gap’ we have identified as making all the difference to winning – personally and professionally.

We’ve packed in details of absolutely everything you need into weekly lessons – the steps to follow, the techniques to apply, the resources to use and the tools we’ve developed for practical application.

Our hope for you is that you’ll take each lesson, practice and use it, until your new and assertive behavior becomes habitual and natural and soon you will be achieving your goals and dreams – not only in your chosen career path but you will find the benefit of these skills will spill over into your relationships and social aspects of your life too!

So please introduce yourself by entering your details below and on the other side of the page is all the information you will need to get started on developing your own winning assertive behavior skills for life, today!

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Darren and Hayley James

Positively Promoting Assertive Behavior

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